Awards & Recognition

Honoring Industry Excellence

The Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society annually presents a number of awards to honor those who have made significant contributions to the work of the Society or to insurance regulation.

Al Greer Achievement Award

In 1998, the IRES Board of Directors established the Al Greer Achievement Award in honor of Al Greer. Mr. Greer was one of the original state insurance examiners who had the vision to establish the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society in the late 1980s. As a founding father of IRES, Mr. Greer helped fashion the mission of IRES, namely, to raise insurance regulation to a highly respected profession marked by technical proficiency and ethical behavior. He went on to serve on its Board of Directors and was later elected treasurer and was always willing to help where ever he was needed. The Al Greer Achievement Award is presented annually to an insurance regulator and IRES member who not only embodies the dedication, knowledge and tenacity of a professional regulator, but who exceeds those standards. Mr. Greer himself was the first recipient of this award in 1997.

Candidates for the Al Greer Award must be insurance regulators who not only embody the dedication, knowledge and tenacity of a professional regulator, but also exceed those standards. In addition, a nominee must:

  • Have at least ten years of regulatory experience
  • Have at least five years as an IRES general member
  • Be a current general member of IRES and
  • Is not currently serving on the IRES Board of Directors

All submissions must be received by May 26 of current year.


Past Award Recipients

  • Tanya Sherman, 2023
  • Randy Helder, 2022
  • Sam Binnun, 2021
  • Chlora Lindley-Myers, 2020
  • John Haworth, 2019
  • Mary Mealer, 2018
  • Andrea Baytop, 2017
  • Anne Marie Narcini, 2016
  • Sue Ezalarab, 2015
  • Jo LeDuc, 2014
  • William (Bill) McCune, 2013
  • Don Carbone, 2012
  • Eric Nordman, 2011
  • Cynthia Amann, 2010
  • Luther Ellis, 2009
  • Ron Musser, 2008
  • Bruce Ramge, 2007
  • Lynette A. Baker, 2006
  • Dale Emerson, 2005
  • Michael D. Gibbons, 2004
  • R. Weldon Hazlewood, 2003
  • Shirley Robertson, 2002
  • John Hartley, 2001
  • Charles Elgin, 1999
  • Mary Lou Clack, 1998
  • Al Greer, 1997

Chartrand Communications Award

For more than 20 years, David Chartrand and his incredible associates Susan Morrison, Elaine Bickel, Joy Moore, and Art Chartrand were at the helm of IRES. Without the dedication and devotion of these diligent individuals, IRES would not be the organization that it is today. To honor the legacy and work Chartrand Communications did for IRES, the Executive Committee and Board of Directors created the Chartrand and Associates Award.

This award is to recognize those that have made a difference to IRES through their actions. Who has really strived to keep IRES moving toward the future? Who has helped increase membership and promoted us outside the conference and in the Insurance Community? Who continually tries to make a difference in IRES? We know these unsung heroes deserve to be recognized.

Nominations are open to all.  All submissions must be received by May 26 of current year.


Past Award Recipients

  • Ken Allen, 2023
  • Towanda David, 2022
  • Ron Kotowski, 2021
  • Martha Long, 2020
  • Fred Karlinsky, 2019
  • Jo A. LeDuc, 2018
  • Pieter Williams, 2017
  • Tracy Biehn, 2016
  • Cristi Owen, 2015
  • Tanya Sherman, 2014
  • Erin Mirza, 2013
  • Joe Bieniek, 2012
  • Holly Blanchard, 2011

Schrader-Nelson Publications Award

In 1994, the IRES Board of Directors established an award for the most significant contributions to IRES publications over the previous year. The Schrader-Nelson Publications Award honors the most outstanding original contribution to the Society’s newsletter, The Regulator®. The award is named in honor of the first chair of the Publications Committee, Tony Schrader, and the first recipient of the award, Ben Nelson. Mr. Schrader is one of the Society’s founding members, the first chair of the Publications Committee and a former editor of The Regulator®. Mr. Nelson was the first recipient of this award and received it for his feature article in the March 1994 edition of The Regulator® dealing with workers compensation reform in Nebraska.

Past Award Recipients

  • Brett Bache and Tim Mullen 2023
  • Phil Talerico and John Romano, 2022
  • Barry Wells, 2021
  • Michael Morrissey, 2020
  • C.J. Rathbun, 2019
  • Dr. Uma S. Dua, 2018
  • Kathy Donovan, 2017
  • Kate Morgan, 2016
  • Thomas E. Hampton, 2015
  • Anne Marie Narcini, 2014
  • Kara Baysinger and Keith Woodeshick, 2013
  • Joe Bieniek, 2012
  • Douglas Freeman, 2011
  • Thomas Hampton, 2010
  • Lauren E. Willis, 2009
  • Mark Rukavina, 2008
  • J. Robert Hunter, 2007
  • Rebecca Westmore, 2006
  • Mark Gardner, 2005
  • California Department of Insurance Rate Regulation Staff, 2004
  • Gerald A. Milsky, CIE, 2003
  • Bob Hunter, 2002
  • Vincent Laurenzano, 2001
  • George Nichols, 2000
  • William Creel, 1999
  • Kathy A. Steadman, 1998
  • Dick Rogers, CIE, 1997
  • Wade Harrell, 1996
  • Robert Willis and Howard Spence, CIE, 1995
  • Tony Schrader & Ben Nelson, 1994

President's Award

The President’s Award is presented annually by the Society’s president to a person of his or her choice who has made a significant contribution to the Society and the regulatory profession.

Past Award Recipients

  • LeAnn Crow, 2023
  • Erica Weyhenmeyer, 2022
  • Mary Nugent, Tom McIntyre, and Randy Helder, 2021
  • Shelly Schuman, Sheri Marston, and Barry Wells, 2020
  • Shelly Schuman, 2019
  • Holly Blanchard, Lisa Brandt, and Nancy Thomas, 2018
  • Ken Allen and Jim Mealer, 2017
  • Tracy Biehn and Jo LeDuc, 2016
  • Robin Clover and LeAnn Crow, 2015
  • Katie Johnson and Tanya Sherman, 2014
  • Lynette Baker, Tom Ballard, Joe Bieniek, Doug Freeman and Leslie Krier, 2013
  • Mark Hooker, 2012
  • Wanda LaPrath, 2011
  • Gary Kimball, 2010
  • Weldon Hazlewood, 2009
  • Karen Dyke, 2008
  • Stephen Martuscello, 2007
  • Jo A. LeDuc, 2006
  • Douglas A. Freeman, 2005
  • Gary L. Domer, 2004
  • Jann Goodpaster, 2003
  • Susan Morrison, 2002
  • Paul Bicica, 2001
  • Christel Szczesniak and Wayne Cotter, 2000
  • Paul A. Synnott, 1999
  • Angela Ford, 1998
  • Frank Seidel, 1997
  • Paula Kitt, 1996
  • Stephen King and Gerald Milsky, 1995
  • W. Bradford Connor, 1994
  • Tom Reents, 1993
  • John Reiersen and Jorge Sandoval, 1992
  • Lewis Melahn, Arthur J. Chartrand and Robin Campaniano, 1991
  • Earl Pomeroy, William McCartney and James Long, 1990

Executive Committee Award

The Executive Committee Award recognizes the invaluable expertise and contributions to the Executive Committee and all IRES Committees.

Past Award Recipients

  • Lisa Brandt, 2022
  • Jo A. LeDuc, 2020

Paul DeAngelo Memorial Teaching Award

In Recognition of Excellence in Insurance Education

The Paul L. DeAngelo Memorial Teaching Award in Recognition of Excellence in Insurance Education was created by the IRES Foundation and presented to the family of Mr. DeAngelo in 2001. The IRES Foundation bestows this award annually in memory of Mr. DeAngelo to honor an insurance regulator or former regulator who has distinguished himself/herself in the field of insurance education and training. Many of the recipients of this award are members of the IRES.