Al Greer Achievement Award Nomination Form

Candidates for the Al Greer Achievement Award must be insurance regulators who not only embody the dedication, knowledge and tenacity of a professional regulator, but also exceed those standards. In addition, a nominee must:

  • Have at least ten years of regulatory experience
  • Have at least five years as an IRES general member
  • Be a current General member of IRES and
  • Is not currently serving on the IRES Board of Directors

Nominator's Information

Nominee Information

Ten years of regulatory experience are required.
Five years of IRES General membership are required.

Nomination Letter

Provide a brief letter of nomination. Minimum length is 50 words; maximum is 100 words. This form defines a word as any character followed by a space. You may wish to compose your letter in an application that can calculate word counts, such as Microsoft Word, before entering it here.