AMCM® Designation Program

Let your credentials speak for themselves

The Advanced Market Conduct Management (AMCM®) is considered to be the “master degree” of MCM®. Open to IRES members who have held an MCM® designation for at least two years, the AMCM® designation is achieved through a three-hour class designed to use the techniques of the MCM® program to promote the interests of insurance regulators by combining class discussion along with the hands-on approach of case studies. AMCM® class participants weave results based knowledge gained through personal experience, the MCM® program, and NAIC Market Regulation Handbook best practices.

Class Overview

Each AMCM® class includes:

  • Review of updates to the MCM® manual
  • Discussion of current developments and emerging issues in insurance regulation
  • Discussion of the changing environment of market analysis
  • Case studies for discussion of what is considered best practice
  • Certification Examination (10 questions from covered discussion/material in the class, with a 70% requirement to pass)


In order to take the AMCM® class, you…

  1. Must have held your MCM® for a minimum of two (2) years
  2. Be a member currently in good standing with IRES

Continuing Education

Upon successful completion of the course and examination, you will earn three (3) Continuing Education Credits and the AMCM® designation.

Once the AMCM® is obtained, the MCM® designation will be replaced with the AMCM® designation. Continued education (CE) is required for continuance of the AMCM® designation. The requirement is the AMCM® course must be retaken every 4 years for (3) continuing education credits. If a person loses their AMCM® designation due to not meeting the hours required of CE credits, then the individual can no longer use the AMCM® but can revert to using the MCM® designation.

Registration Fee

The cost per class is $450 per person.