Board of Directors – FAQ

Board/Chairs/EC FAQs:

Why isn’t this event showing up on my calendar?

Often times, they have accidentally deleted the event when declining their RSVP. Simply send another invitation.

Can I have an excused absence for the Committee I serve on?

Forward all excused absence requests to the appropriate Committee chair. Absences can only be due to work conflicts and extreme hardships. Vacations do not apply. Let the Committee chair respond, and the committee will take a vote on the matter during the next meeting.

Can I send out an email to the entire membership straight away?

We will need to review current emails in the queue, and get back to you. Normal turnaround time for email creation is 1-3 business days, minimum.

All emails and member communications must be sent to the Publications and PR Committee for approval.

I want to update the website with this information...can you do it now?

We will have to run all website updates and requests by the Publications and PR Committee for approval.

Can we update social media for this ________?

Please reach out to Jo LeDuc to see if social media can be accommodated for this request. The AMC does not manage IRES social media.

What is in our contract?

Please refer to existing contract guidelines, and confirm with both CEO and President of IRES before agreeing to taking on any additional projects. ALL PROJECTS NOT IN THE SCOPE OF CONTRACT MUST BE PRE-APPROVED before proceeding.

What day is the IRES check run?

Typically, we do a check run once per week. Refer to accounting contact for more details.

How are we going to pay for this?

Open up lines of discussion with president and CEO of management, to ensure that all parties are taken care of before approving any expenditures. Often, this will require coordination of contact between Committee Chairs, EC, and our staff.

Why am I receiving a voicemail?

Our office hours are 9am-5pm, CST. Due to call volume, we review messages if we do not answer, and we will return your call within 24-hours.

I sent an email to _________, but haven’t heard back yet?

Use this as an opportunity to request that all individuals uses the main office email as the send-to address, and that management staff will review and assign requests as needed.