Board of Directors

The Board of Directors elects the Society’s operating officers and other members of the Executive Committee. It has supervision, control and direction of the general policies and affairs of the Society, its committees and publications, and actively promotes its objectives. The Board of Directors adopts motions and regulations for the conduct of the Society and it may grant or delegate any or all of its authority to the Executive Committee to act on its behalf in the interim between meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors consists of up to twenty-four (24) members elected by the general membership of the Society to serve four-year terms. In addition, up to three (3) at-large Directorships may be appointed by the Board of Directors to serve one-year terms.

No state, the Federal government, or the NAIC can have more than two (2) members elected to the Board of Directors at any one time. In addition, no more than ten (10) unaffiliated members are permitted to be elected to the Board of Directors at any one time, with no more than two (2) from the same firm.

Interested in joining the IRES Board of Directors? Please fill out the form below and send it to with a 250–350 word bio for consideration. 

Board of Directors Nomination Form

Board Members


Maria Ailor, AIE, AMCM Arizona 2026
Kenneth Allen, AIE California 2025
Cynthia Amann, AMCM Missouri 2024
Brett Bache, CIE, MCM Rhode Island 2025
Chrystal Bartuska North Dakota 2025
Tracy Biehn, MCM North Carolina 2027
Donald Carbone, AMCM, CIE Unaffiliated 2024
LeAnn Crow, AMCM, CICSR Unaffiliated 2026
Cynthia Fitzgerald, CIE, CICSR, MCM Unaffiliated 2025
Joylynn Fix, MCM West Virginia 2026
Angela Hatchell, CICSR North Carolina 2027
John Haworth, CIE, MCM Washington 2025
Christopher Heisler, CIE, MCM Illinois 2026
Jennifer Hopper, CIE Unaffiliated 2024
Ron Kotowski IRES Foundation 2025
Craig Leonard, CIE, MCM Unaffiliated 2027
Sheri Marston, AMCM, CIE Unaffiliated 2024
Tom McIntyre, AMCM, CICSR, CIE Unaffiliated 2024
Robert McManus, CIE, MCM Unaffiliated 2024
Mary Nugent, AMCM, CIE Federal 2026
Lori Ruggiero, CIE, MCM Unaffiliated 2027
Shelly Schuman, AIE, AMCM, CICSR Unaffiliated 2027
Kallie Somme, MCM Louisiana 2027
Martin Swanson Nebraska 2026
Erica Weyhenmeyer, AIE, MCM Illinois 2025