Al Gross/Jim Long Rookie of the Year Scholarship Application

Candidates for the Al Gross/Jim Long Rookie of the Year Scholarship must:

  • Be current state insurance department employees with less than two (2) years of service as of January 1 of this year.
  • Demonstrate exceptional promise and professionalism in representing their states as regulators.
  • Seek to develop skills through completion of training programs provided by recognized insurance industry institutional programs, including, but not limited to, those provided by The Institutes (formerly AICPCU), The American College, LOMA, and the NAIC.

Applications are now opened for 2024. Please submit by February 16.

IRES membership is not required for scholarship nomination. 

Applicant Information

Employment Information

Please note: The information you provide in this section will NOT affect your IRES account profile information.

Briefly describe your responsibilities in your present position. (Tip: Click and drag the bottom or bottom right corner to resize this text box.)

Professional Development

List the professional development courses you have completed since you joined the department. (Tip: Click and drag the bottom or bottom right corner to resize this text box.)
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For each course you listed, provide proof of completion (i.e. transcripts or computer printout) in PDF format. You may upload multiple files or combine your documents into a single PDF.

Intended Use of this Scholarship

Include a brief statement describing how the award of this scholarship will benefit both you and your department. (Limit is 100 words. This form defines a word as any character followed by a space. You may wish to compose your letter in an application that can calculate word counts, such as Microsoft Word, before entering it here.)
Indicate the IRES courses, seminars, or other learning events to which you plan to apply scholarship funds, if awarded. The scholarship must be used within the year it is awarded.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation from your commissioner, director, or superintendent is required.

The letter must be addressed to the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society, 10340 Democracy Lane, Suite 300, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 and uploaded here in PDF format.

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Review your application carefully before clicking Submit. Make sure you have responded to all required fields. If you tried to submit this form and got an error, check that your uploaded files (proof of course completion and letter of recommendation) are still listed. (They were likely removed during the submission error.)